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Ola a todos,

Publico na íntegra, para regozijo de quem gosta de aviões e de histórias de aviaçao, o conteudo dos mails trocados entre mim e um piloto, de nome Peter Hirst.
fromPeter Hirst <dh90pilot(a)gmail.com>

dateThu, Sep 3, 2009 at 3:09 AM
subjectAirliners.net photo feedback: Photo ID: 0961496

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Hi Christian,

Reference your photo of Cessna 421C ...G-VVIP, ...wondering if I can
make a copy of it off A.NET please to put on my website? ...In July 1986 I piloted this actual aircraft solo from Olathe in Kansas across the North Atlantic to Cardiff, Wales ...with refuelling stops in Canada, Greenland and Iceland. ...Flight time was 22hours 55minutes and I touched down in Cardiff with 49hours 55minutes total elapsed time from Takeoff in Kansas. It remains one of my personal fastest crossings of the North Atlantic in a light aircraft.

Kind regards,

Peter Hirst
email. ...DH90pilot(a)gmail.com
New Zealand

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Hi Peter,

Of course you can! The honor is all mine! I am thrilled to know your history and from this beauty I snaped some years ago at my home town aerodrom... I wonder what's the full history of the aircraft...

Be my guest once again to use pic as you like (please, just protect copyright, that I know you will, otherwise you wouldn't have contacted me) and if you wish, I can ask my fellow spotters / friends for other pics...If you wish, I can get you the original pic, but it took a lot of Photshop and Neat Image (it was originally taken with analogic camera)

Thank very much for choosing my pic and congratulations on your heroic achivement! It made my eyes shine :)

Best regards
Cristiano Oliveira
fromferrypilot <ferrypilot(a)orcon.net.nz>
toCristiano Oliveira <csl.oliveira(a)gmail.com>

dateFri, Sep 4, 2009 at 1:07 AM
subjectRe: Airliners.net photo feedback: Photo ID: 0961496

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Thanks very much Christiano, ...I'll goahead and copy your photo from
Airliners and I will keep your name on it. Your friends are welcome to
send me more photo's of the aircraft if they wish.

The last time I saw the machine was in 1986 and it was several years old
then, although in very nice condition. ...The Cessna 421C is probably the
nicest "piston engine" exec. aircraft ever. ...The salesman who had sold
it in the U.K. hired me to deliver it from the USA to Wales and at that
time it had the registration G-BMWB. ...Which is how it appears in my
pilot logbook. I guess the new owner in Cardiff, Wales had the
registration changed to G-VVIP. ...I was able to recognise it by the
serial number 421C-0699.

I last flew it in September 1986 when I took the wealthy new owner and two
of his business coleagues from Cardiff to Glasgow and Manchester in it. He
offered me a full time job flying it for him, but I had another Job offer
at the same time and took the other job instead. I can't remember his name
or his company name either, but I think he manufactured pressed steel
panels in a big factory in Cardiff. He had a pretty fancy BMW and I
remember him buying me a steak for lunch in a cool restaurant in Cardiff.
...Sometimes I think I made the wrong choice and should have taken that

Kind regards,

Já agora, quem tiver mais fotos do aviao e lhe queira enviar, estão à vontade...ou para ser mais fácil, autorizarem que ele faça o upload do sites onde elas estão, digam qq coisa ou mandem-lhe um mail :wink:

Cristiano Oliveira
Sócio Nº 113

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